Andrew Marsh was born into a winemaking family in the Hunter Valley. A winemaker by profession, his passion for wine and surfing has taken him around the globe. Several years ago he was introduced to meditation, and subsequently practiced “just about every meditation technique” available. Finally, his journey landed him in front of this meditation technique. Not only did Marshy very quickly realise that this was by far the most beneficial meditation he had experienced but it led to him undertake intensive integrated initiator training, graduating in Rishikesh, India.

Known for his charismatic and fun personality, Marshy’s flavour of teaching will both charm and engage you. He also writes for various magazines and newspapers, and is a highly sought-after public speaker.



The current day-to-day rigours of life create extremely high amounts of stress, tension and fatigue, at a rate that has not been seen before in history. The pace and the style of life we have set is unsustainable for most. Once our systems reach their threshold and begin to overload, the mind, body and the entire nervous system begins to precipitate and experiences great disharmony. Anxiety, depression, lack of energy, acute fatigue and just the feeling of not being fulfilled, content or joyful dominate.

In order to compensate, we often find ourselves seeking a way to “cope”, by engaging in various activities such as excessive drinking, eating, sleeping, sport, work, drugs and so on. While temporary “relief” may be experienced, these activities, when used in this manner, create greater amounts of stress, tension and fatigue which build in the body and nervous system. We discover that we have been reaching for resolution from external sources, which is ultimately impossible. While it may appear that everything is okay, really, we know it is not. We begin to ask questions. The answers to these questions start to point within. This is where meditation fits in.


Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. This technique or style of meditation has been cognised, practiced and maintained within the Vedic tradition and passed down through the ages. The technique is universal in its nature. Although originating in India, it was introduced by the Vedic masters to the world to be shared. It is, in essence, a meditation style purposefully designed for “householders” – busy people living busy lives – to enjoy all the great benefits which meditation brings..


The meditation technique Marshy teaches, is very simple and effortless. It will give you the ability to enjoy your life on a level you have yet to experience. The technique involves the use of a mantra – an ultra-refined sound – which is intrinsically charming to the mind. The mind is able to move from busier states into the deeper, more peaceful or subtle states, where transcendence is reached. Pure bliss!

Don’t worry if you think or believe that your mind is “too busy”, or that you won’t be able to meditate, you’ll be in great hands.