JAKE GORDON – Wallabies & NSW Waratahs

Being new to meditation and having little understanding of the practice, I met Marshy and was instantly drawn to his enthusiasm and energy. Since then, Marshy has opened my eyes to a different perspective. He’s challenged me to think and consider the world differently. 

Marshy has an infectious energy and a great ability to empower those around him. 

It’s been a pleasure getting to know you brother.

DEBORAH HUTTON – Australian media personality

“I had been meditating for a number of years before I met Marshy. I was struggling with it and could see it was disappearing from my daily ritual. Marshy changed everything, in a very clear and simple  manner, allowing me to connect back to my true self and the calm and peace returned. His words are a true gift and he is without a doubt a highly connected human being who has the power to change lives for the better. He has a deep understanding of life which is invaluable when we all try to walk our path through the multiple challenges of life.”

TOM CARROLL – World Champion surfer

”From the get go when I did the course, Marshy exuded enthusiasm for leaning into unbridled vibrance and froth which our lives can offer. This was early 2016 and to this day – there has been an ongoing subtle lifting of fear, unbinding of rigidity and undeniable peeling away of protection around my heart that I could not and would not want to see without the connection we have. A connection to fearlessness at the deepest level has been  ignited within me. I am forever grateful for your guidance Marshy and encouragement toward love…always♥️ 😍  ♥️