It has been nearly 35 years since I sat on this rock. I spent a lot of time right here overlooking one of Australia’s best surf breaks, a long way from home. 

I have just meditated and am now in contemplation. Time is illusory and I feel I haven’t moved from this spot since the last time. Change is the only definite and this spot brings up a lot of vulnerabilities, where fear of change has had me think and act in ways that feel foreign to the real me. Focussing on the blessings is the key. 

Without meditation, I’m f***ed! It’s the greatest gift that has presented itself. It’s the one thing that lights me up and pulls me out of fear and self doubt. Simple as that. 

If we don’t take small amounts of time for self reflection, we make the unfortunate error of engaging in a robotic existence, where we use “distraction” as our formula for life. In other words, no “traction”. We are like a bogged car trying to move by revving ourselves beyond our thresholds. I know this state all too well. It kills my spirit. So it’s a must to set aside any technology, any complaints, judgement, gossip and self depreciation. And just “be”. If this is all I’ve learnt since last sitting here, I feel very fortunate💙🤙🏽🙏🏽