Hey Guys,

Winter is a time to go inward and set yourself up to come out fresh into Spring. We are the same as the plants which flower and come into bloom and show their vibrancy. Yet, without winter, there can be no accumulation of the energy for the plant to do this. There is a lesson here.

I have been inundated by people of late regarding their stress, tension and fatigue levels rising substantially. The world is suffering at a level never seen before in history. It’s never been so out of whack! 

Newspaper articles are constantly reaffirming the doom and gloom they wish to purvey in order to add to the fear of the collective consciousness of our society. Daily reading of world events has been overrun with articles relating to finance and hardship, especially in Sydney and its surrounding regional areas. The necessary fundamental needs such as food and shelter are taking on new narratives based around anxiety and fear. 

The banking system, real estate, massive price hikes of groceries and other topics are depleting our nervous systems to distort beyond our thresholds. 

You know what I’m talking about as we can all feel it and it seems to be the topic of most conversations. 

We can put on a brave face. But it will quickly fade. What is urgently required here is to see beyond this narrative and remember that we are here to have fun. But very few of us are experiencing fun, especially if we are constantly accumulating stress, tension and fatigue without a way of releasing it from our nervous systems. 

During winter, it is a time to retreat slightly and realign ourselves with nature. It actually encourages us to do so as temperatures cool and external growth slows down. That’s when we can utilise this time to go in and release the accumulated stress. 

Some pointers here in which to do that…..

  • Meditate.
  • Breathing techniques.
  • Reading or listening to high quality texts around the topics of spirituality and wellness.
  • Stop reading negative, repetitive bulls*** in newspapers and social media platforms which you unconsciously then feel “less than” over the topics.
  • Attending the Free Evening Sessions which are gold and offered as a gift, not a chore.
  • Coming to see me personally for a re-set session, custom-made for your needs. 

So how are you going? Really? How are you really going?

I am here as a meditation/spiritual teacher to assist, help, guide and navigate you through the rigours of daily life. I strongly urge you to utilise whatever is offered from Andrew Marsh Meditation. We are available to you at all times. You all know me well enough to know that the only thing that matters is your sense of peace and happiness. Any other way of viewing this is not worth the suffering.